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Urethane Coatings are typically used as the wearing surface / decorative surface. Many different finish coats can be applied to give the desired color and texture the owner is looking for.

Typical applications include Deck Coatings, Traffic Coatings or Slip-Slab membranes.

Hot Rubber

Hot rubberized asphalt is not typically thought of a coating as it is always covered by various different substrates. Its inability to handle UV requires this. Although it is not UV stable it is a self healing product that can accommodate minor punctures and tares.

Cold Fluid

Cold fluid applied coatings are very similar to hot fluid applied coatings they have self healing attributes and are typically not UV stable. While most coatings don't like the presence of moisture some cold fluid applied coatings are no problem with it. Making this product category ideal in damp and green concrete.


Cementitious coatings pronounced ce·men·ti·tious is a concrete like coating that is applied vertically or horizontally to concrete, block or brick surfaces. These coatings are typically used in planters and elevator pits.


Epoxy coatings or floorings are a great coating to use in slab-on-grade conditions as they are about to resist the vapor drive of moisture in the substrate below it. Epoxy coatings are strong durable and last many years without much matinance. They are typically chemical resistant and can be finished with many different styles and colors.